Friday, January 07, 2005

Picasa--Pretty Cool

Google is becoming the king of free software. Picasa is a very nice photo organizer and fixer. Two neat things:

1. It finds all the photos on your system when you install it. It also updates the folders that it expects to have photos. It organizes them more or less by folders. I can find all the stuff.

2. You can do simple fixes to photos like cropping, doing an auto color correction, or fixing red eye without changing the original file. It stores it in some auxilarly storage so you can _always_ revert back to the picture.

The ability to work on a file without changing it has been a godsend working on some family pictures that were scanned as whole album pages rather than individual pictures. I can crop and correct one photo from an album page, export it out as a new file then go back to the original page to start working on a new picture off the page.

I have Photoshop but I don't have any grasp of how to get much of the value out of it. Picasa does the simple, surface stuff easily and safely.

Picasa is now owned by Google and is a free download from:

Thumbs up, especially for free.

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