Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Selling our home in today's market

We're selling our 2,067 square foot home in the 95118 zip code of San Jose. We thought the Summer was prime home selling season--Wrong! Prime home selling season is late winter to mid-spring. People want to move about when their kids end school not around when they begin school. Tough lesson to learn in flat or falling market. It has been pretty dead as far as people looking at the house this Summer.

I set up a web site so people can go direct to info on the house without looking at the MLS or general stuff on our realtor's site. Here is the house, call our realtor for a showing, today!

I am also using Google Adwords to advertise the house. I set up the account and campaign today. It was real easy, Google has simplified everything down so the newcomer to the advertising world (just about everybody) can easily set up an ad, place it, and track the success of the ad and the campaign. The ad hasn't been up long enough to track, but I'll be watching closely.

If you want a one story home, over 2,000 square feet, with 5 bedrooms (or 4 bedrooms and a big family room), two master suites, and 3 bathrooms, go to

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Quantmark Research

I have been busy starting up a new company, Quantmark Research. Quantmark Research is a consulting operation that offers my traditional consulting strengths: product management, white papers, and product marketing and adds quantitative marketing analysis as well as internet business consulting. I am set up to work with large software clients but also smaller (perhaps much smaller) clients in other areas. I am hoping Quantmark Research can take on more the character of a family business with a close connection to the community.

Visit the website and the founders blog. I'll be publishing business and technology oriented topics on the founders blog and publishing more personal comments on this blog.